World song contest

The rules

Here are the rules

1. At the end of every festival, you can choose a different country (which should be free and you have logged out of your land you have) you may have to skip a festival and still keep your country but it should not. more than one on a row are otherwise you lose your country.

2. You can only have one song per country for each Festival unless there are fewer than 11 countries you can be 2.

3. the number allowed in each language, but at least one artist must be from your own country.

4. You give every Finals Points Best for who you think you specify a number 12 number 2 give you 10 points ,3 give you 8 points, and from 7 to 1 points so you give 10 countries points

5. You have 1 week before the Begind the songs and artist have registered (you simply send a message to me)

6. You can not vote at your own country Covers